About Summer of Maps

Summer of Maps is a fellowship program organized by Azavea. We are a B Corporation that specializes  in civic-minded GIS software development and spatial analysis.

Summer of Maps offers stipends to student GIS analysts to perform geospatial data analysis for non-profit organizations. Every year we match up non-profit organizations that have spatial analysis needs with talented students of GIS to implement projects over a three-month period during the summer.


Organization Eligibility

The application is open to registered non-profit organizations registered as 501(c)3 with the IRS.  We will also consider international organizations that have a registered U.S. affiliate. We are looking for non-profit organizations with spatial analysis and geographic visualization needs.  Organizations are limited to two project submissions, but no more than one is likely to be funded.

The fellows will work in our Philadelphia office along with their mentors on two projects for two different organizations. A few examples of projects include the following:

  • Arts & Culture – analyze geographic location of ticket sales and donations to both identify existing clusters and untapped markets
  • Community & Economic Development– analyze housing needs to determine the best site for a new low income housing development
  • Elections & Civil Rights – identify the sources of campaign contributions and measure the influence they have on the national political landscape
  • Environment, Sustainability & Ecosystems – analyze the urban tree canopy and existing development to make a recommendation for future preservation
  • Public Health & Food – develop three potential sites for a new soup kitchen and perform a market analysis to determine how each will affect existing sites
  • Public Safety – analyze the impact of neighborhood indicators or other environmental factors on crime risk
  • Transportation – identify the next 10 streets for the addition of bike lanes by scoring all street segments based on a variety of geographic criteria


Student Eligibility

This is a paid fellowship program opened to full-time or part-time students. The Summer of Maps program defines a student as an individual accepted into or enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution located in the United States, including community colleges, universities, masters, PhD and undergraduate programs. Alternatively, applicants may be enrolled in an accredited non-U.S. university, but must have a valid work visa that enables work in the United States (we are not able to sponsor students for a visa or provide travel expenses for travel to the U.S.).  If students are accepted into or enrolled in a college or university program as of April 2016, they are eligible to participate in the program, even if they will graduate during the program. Applicants must be available to work at the Azavea office in Philadelphia beginning June 1st.

Applicants may be asked to provide transcripts or other documentation from their accredited institution as proof of enrollment or admission status. Applicants do not need to be in a Geography or GIS program in order to apply, but they should have experience performing analysis using desktop GIS software.

Students that accept the offer to participate in the program are expected to work 12 weeks of time and 40 hours per week out of Azavea’s Philadelphia office. Fellows are expected to adhere to a consistent weekly schedule. Responsibilities are listed below:

  • Work directly with their nonprofit clients to determine project requirements and conduct a scope of work
  • Research and assemble geospatial data from their clients and public data sources
  • Coordinate with their mentors to provide regular status updates to their clients
  • Develop map-based analyses for nonprofit clients
  • Design cartography for analysis projects
  • Write a minimum of two blog posts about the project work completed
  • Perform other data analysis and cartography tasks as directed by the Project Manager
  • Participate in Azavea company activities
  • Conduct final presentations to their clients
  • Participate in kick off and culminating program events
  • Prepare short presentations on projects for the culminating event
  • Produce a final deliverable packages for each project including documentation, data, maps, a report and other necessary client deliverables
  • Complete all program work to satisfaction by the final day of the program without exception

Filling in this application will simply put students and organizations in the running to be selected to be part of Summer of Maps. Applying neither guarantees an interview or a fellowship if you are a student, nor guarantees that your project will be selected if you are a non-profit organization.