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The Campaign for Working Families (CWF) seeks practical ways to improve the economic status of working people in Philadelphia so that working families have the opportunity to increase their income, wisely manage their finances, protect themselves from expensive financial services and build assets. Every year, CWF recruits, trains, and manages over 600 volunteers who staff 11 free tax sites across Philadelphia. Campaign tax sites operate as financial centers providing over 13,000 working families access to important tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit, and asset-building services like savings bonds, public benefits, credit reports and FAFSA. The Campaign brings millions of dollars in tax credits back to Philadelphians and relies upon excellent data and statistics to document the program’s successes, identify weaknesses and plan strategically for the future.

CWF aims to put more money in the pockets of its customers through the Resource Builder program. Resource builders screen tax site customers for public benefits, encourage them to save some of their refund and provide access to prepaid debit cards, credit reports and FAFSA applications. CWF was going to expand its programming to provide year-round services that would target customers based on the services they took advantage of at the tax site. Volunteer financial coaches would connect with customers on a personal level while financial workshops provide greater knowledge in the area of financial management, loans and services.

Nse worked with CWF to answer these questions:

  • Which customers live in the Empowerment Zones and how can we quickly determine whether a family lives in these areas?
  • What mainstream and non-mainstream financial services are available in geographic proximity to customers’ home addresses?
  • Are customers who received certain asset-building services concentrated in certain areas of the city?
  • What locations for workshops would be most convenient for tax site customers in each empowerment zone?
Nse-Abasi Esema
Nse-Abasi Esema
2012 fellow
Client The Campaign for Working Families
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