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Girlstart exists to empower girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Girlstart is closing the gender disparity gaps in these fields, especially for girls of color, girls from low-income and non-urban environments, and girls who are at risk of academic failure. They develop and implement education programs designed to inspire, engage and interest young women. Participants gain critical thinking skills, STEM skills, an awareness of STEM careers and a big boost of confidence.

In order to reach even more girls, Amory produced a map series aimed to provide a strategic direction for Girlstart funding and program expansion. Girlstart provided data on program locations, participants, costs, and donors. Amory collected other pertinent data such as school district boundaries, STEM job distribution and demographic variables from other sources. The maps help evaluate the success of program locations and marketing, where to cultivate donor outreach efforts and where there is an unmet need for both paying and non-paying programming and events.

Amory Hillengas
Amory Hillengas
2014 fellow
Client GirlStart
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