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Spatial Analysis Project:

We would like to revisit our 2015 Summer of Maps project, looking at the most dangerous locations for pedestrians in Philadelphia. Have we seen changes in the number of accidents and fatalities since 2015 due to persistence from orgs such as Feet First, Bicycle Coalition, and 5th Square and with the adoption alternative transit projects such as parklets and the protected bike lane in West Philly? In addition to looking at council districts, it would be very interesting to see it by Phila2035 planning districts.

Data available:

  • City crime data for accidents/crashes
  • Council district map
  • Planning Commission planning district map
  • Exiting OTIS bike lanes
  • Existing traffic calming interventions by city and improvement districts (parklets, capital projects like UCD’s curb bulb out)

Maps and Reports that will be created:

  • Map showing all the accidents in the city (dots per accident)
  • Heat map emphasizing most dangerous intersections (if dots show concentration)
  • Overlay with council and planning districts
  • Overlay with traffic calming interventions (dots for parklets and bulb outs)
  • Overlay with city bike lanes (protected, shared lanes, regular bike lane)
  • Comparative charts showing number of accidents per top 25 most dangerous intersections in 2015 and 2018

How the maps and reports will be used:

The maps and reports will be used primarily for our transportation coverage, especially on pedestrian fatalities (recent articles on Roosevelt Blvd and 16th/JFK), as well as a tool for our readers if they choose to advocate to their neighbors, friends, or elected officials.

Organization http://planphilly.com
Shortlist year 2018
Category Transportation
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