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Azavea Summer of Maps 2019 project shortlist

Community & Economic Development
Mapping pay day lenders in Fairfax County to target financial counseling services
Parking Reform Policies to Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicles and Congestion
Community & Economic Development
Mapping Determinants of Economic Self-Sufficiency and Well-Being in Philadelphia
Environment & Ecosystems
Our Urban Forest: Income, Population Density, Race, and Equitable Access to Trees
Community & Economic Development
Promoting Equity and Access through New Jersey Fair Housing
Elections & Civil Rights
Travel Barriers for Voters in Rural States
Community & Economic Development
Improving Housing Quality in Philadelphia
Environment & Ecosystems
Conservation Prioritization of the Baranof-Chichagof Island Hydrologic Unit
Environment & Ecosystems
Using LiDAR-derived DEM data to estimate stream sediment loads
Understanding reach to focus impact: Where can The Franklin Institute improve engagement with surrounding communities?
Environment & Ecosystems
Characterizing Potential and Need for Green Roofs across New York City
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