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Azavea Summer of Maps 2019 project shortlist

Community & Economic Development
Mapping pay day lenders in Fairfax County to target financial counseling services
Parking Reform Policies to Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicles and Congestion
Community & Economic Development
Mapping Determinants of Economic Self-Sufficiency and Well-Being in Philadelphia
Environment & Ecosystems
Our Urban Forest: Income, Population Density, Race, and Equitable Access to Trees
Community & Economic Development
Promoting Equity and Access through New Jersey Fair Housing
Elections & Civil Rights
Travel Barriers for Voters in Rural States
Community & Economic Development
Improving Housing Quality in Philadelphia
Environment & Ecosystems
Conservation Prioritization of the Baranof-Chichagof Island Hydrologic Unit
Environment & Ecosystems
Using LiDAR-derived DEM data to estimate stream sediment loads
Understanding reach to focus impact: Where can The Franklin Institute improve engagement with surrounding communities?
Environment & Ecosystems
Characterizing Potential and Need for Green Roofs across New York City

New fellows announced

The students for the Summer 2019 Azavea Summer of Maps have been announced. Their fellowship will begin shortly.

Congratulations 2019 fellows

Summer of Maps Fellows will begin their fellowships shortly.