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Spatial Analysis Project:

The City of Philadelphia, as part of its Vision Zero Action Plan (2017) has mapped out a High Injury Network for the City. The Network map shows that 50% of all traffic deaths and severe injuries on just 12% of Philadelphia streets.

We would like to break out the High Injury Network by mode, creating separate maps for the bicycling and walking. For example, Spring Garden St between Delaware Ave and Pennsylvania Ave has a high concentration of bicycle crashes but the corridor is not on the High Injury Network.

Data available:

We do not maintain our own crash data, we use the Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool.

We also use the citywide bicycle network, the city road network, our annual bike counts, DVRPC bicycle and pedestrian traffic counts, US Census Journey to Work data Tables B08006 and S0801.

Maps and Reports that will be created:

The creation of a High Injury Network map for pedestrians, a second Network map for bicycles and a map of crash victims under the ages 14 and under who are injured within 1/4 mile of primary and middle schools. Methodology should be compatible with the City of Philadelphia’s Criteria, with one additional criterium, the inclusion of moderate injuries.

How the maps and reports will be used:

To further aid the City in prioritizing bicycle and pedestrian improvements along corridors and within school zones. To serve as a baseline for crash data for long-term before and after analysis of capital improvements.

Shortlist year 2020
Category Public Safety
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