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The Community Design Collaborative provides pro bono preliminary community design services to nonprofit organizations in greater Philadelphia and raises awareness of the importance of design in community revitalization. As part of its mission to serve low and moderate-income communities, the Community Design Collaborative aims to identify and prioritize parks and schoolyards that are prime candidates to receive the organization’s design grants for park revitalization.

To help the Community Design Collaborative select possible grant sites, Tim performed a suitability analysis of Philadelphia using GIS to consider a range of socioeconomic and built-environment variables, such as poverty rates and childcare locations. This analysis produced a composite index map representing grant candidacy reflecting the specific interests and priorities of the Community Design Collaborative. This map was then compared to park, playground, and schoolyard data to generate candidacy rankings of play areas for funding and particular neighborhoods of focus. The maps and written analysis of Tim’s findings help the Community Design Collaborative focus their efforts to support impactful park revitalization projects across Philadelphia.

Tim St. Onge
Tim St. Onge
2014 fellow
Client Community Design Collaborative
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