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CBEI is a Philadelphia based non-profit focused on facilitating a better understanding of energy use and efficiency among small- and medium- sized commercial buildings (SMSCB), which make up 95% of the commercial buildings in the United States. The research being performed by CBEI, with the ultimate goal of reducing energy use in SMSCB by 50% by the year 2030, is of great importance and will have a lasting impact on the large U.S. commercial industry.

Utilizing various data sets collected by regional and city governments, Jenna analyzed the energy efficiency of five major cities in the United States that typically rank among the top ten for the sustainable category: New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. Utilizing benchmarking reports produced by the cities, Jenna geocoded the data to assign each building a spatial coordinate, and produced maps and a report illustrating how the five selected cities compare to each other, focusing on 5 main variables that are present throughout each city’s dataset: greenhouse gas emittance, energy use intensity, floor area, ENERGY STAR score, and year built.

Jenna hopes that the results of this data, which may be the first of their kind in that they are directly comparing 5 cities from across the United States, will demonstrate the potential for reducing energy in specific regions and will lead to increased sustainability efforts in the future.

Jenna Glat
Jenna Glat
2014 fellow
Client The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation
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