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Spatial Analysis Project:

OpenStreetMap US would like to apply OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to one or more civic challenges to address gaps and support data driven decision making. There is a tremendous amount of data in OSM that can be used to support a range of use cases. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for applying data to societal problems. This project will use the SDGs as a lens to apply OSM data to measure specific social indicators.

OSM US is interested in supporting non-profits to understand how OSM data can support their mission. Ideally, a fellow would choose 1 - 3 SDG indicators or data analysis problems identified by OSM US and use OSM to help measure a set of specific issues using geospatial analysis. For example, measuring a city’s population that has access to parks, transit or another measure of accessibility.

Data available:

In addition to all of OpenStreetMap, OSM US has a relationship with local nonprofits in Baltimore and a group called BNIA provides an open-source, free dataset called Vital Signs with more than 150 indicators related to demographics, housing, crime, workforce, health, housing, education and sustainability. But we are most interested in using publicly available data, with a focus on OpenStreetMap.

Maps and Reports that will be created:

Ideally there would be documentation of that could result in an educational piece to share with civic leaders, OSM advocates and even teachers. We are interested in seeing what type of analysis can be done with OSM in support of SDGs and other related analyses for our non-profit partners. A blog post write up about the project will be important as well. We’d like to have a conversation with the fellow and our partners to generate additional ideas, and we are also open to working with the fellow to co-create the specifics of the final deliverables.

How the maps and reports will be used:

To inform OSMUS and the OSMUS community in advocating for the use of OSM data to address civic problems. The project will act as a use case for combining OSM, SDGs, and civic data needs and bringing together diverse community partners to tackle social issues supported by data driven decision making. If the Fellow is able to create an educational piece, the report/ case study can live on teachosm.org.

Shortlist year 2020
Category Community & Economic Development

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